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Buy Fresh Buy Local
Ecosystem for local food

The Norfolk-based Buy Fresh Buy Local organization has a unique mission : provide local residents and tourists alike locally-grown fresh and organic products.

The organization was keen to push the envelop a bit further in order to promote the Virginia local products and entice the Virginia population to consume them.

As the Virginia population is growing more mobile and transient, the question became pivotal on how to connect them to the community of local farmers. The choice for going with a mobile became evident as it would facilitate creating such a ecosystem between consumers, restaurants and local farmers especially with the power of geolocation on mobile.

With the MobyView platform, The ecosystem was built in less than 2 months with the following features in place :

- Farmers can create on the app their content to indicate all the fresh products they grow along with the distributors and local markets their products could be purchased at.

- Restaurants can also create their own content listing their menus and more importantly the local producers they source from.

- Consumers can search for products, producers or restaurants per their geolocation and get direct access to the local farmers.

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Connecting people to Virginia farms
Connecting people to Virginia farms
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