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Augmented Experience & CRM for Audi Customers

Audi customers stop by their dealership for their car servicing. They are then comfortably sitted and provided with an Ipad. With the the Audi Twin Service, they have access to the video livestream of their car being serviced at the workshop. The experience is augmented by overlaying video and other multimedia material over the livestream. For all the different jobs performed during the car maintenance, the customer can watch and see for themselves the rationale for each inspection operation. The dealership can also push his own specific offers through the Audi Twin Service app.

He can also request his customer to register for Audi newsletters and magazines for a richer CRM. Even better, he can play quizzes on the app and in so doing enables Audi Sales to get better insight of their customer preferences and what their next car purchase might be.


Audi Twin App
Benefits for Audi Customer
Focus the experience on the customer and offers full transparency about car servicing.
Audi offers full transparency to their customers.
Enrich the user experience with the live stream.
Audi enables each dealership to upsell on car equipment and accessories.
Create new bonding with customers.
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