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Communicating à la Facebook

DPD is the fastest growing parcel delivery service in Europe. Every day, their work force deliver more than 4.8 million parcels across Europe. Their employees are by essence scattered across a territory. Ensuring proper internal communications is then essential in bringing all the different DPD groups together. 

Marketing and HR were looking at new interactive ways for employees to communicate with each other while operating in different regions. As the Intranet usage was fading, it became evident that a mobile application could stand out as the next communications tool to reach out to an essentially mobile workforce.

Rather than just duplicating their Intranet content on the mobile channel, it was decided that the mobile app will be built around the concept of a social network and hence have the community of users interact with each other.

Built entirely on the MobyView platform, the app comprises the following features:

- Ability to like, tag emojis and comment on stories.

- Personalized content for the different communities making up the app.

- Polls collecting opinions on the daily life and organization of the company.

- Quizz 

- Ability for the traveling DPD salesforce to recommend in interactive maps places of interest (restaurants, hotels, etc..).

The app was launched in November 2017 and since then, significant usage going well beyond the Intranet daily visits has been noticed by DPD HR. It indeed proved that bringing interactive social features to the app was the true success factor.

DPD screens
Boosting internal communications
Create a common communications tool for a geographically dispersed population.
Enable HR to communicate with the employee base in far more effective ways.
Engage the DPD employees with what is going on with their company.
Create immediate interaction between employees.
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